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2010-03-07 09:37 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Intro + TOU

Introductions aren't my forte, so we'll just skip that.

This journal is for sims (TS2) related things - pictures, downloads, finds, etc.
All content is public, so don't feel obliged to add me to access goodies.

All files have been compressed.

In general, all clothing meshes I use (defaults or recolors) have fat morphs.

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2012-07-07 09:32 pm
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Life Happens

Well, it's been quite awhile. 
I won't go into all the details as to why I've been AWOL, suffice to say life happens.

My PC - which holds all of my TS2 games and creations is still (after five months) in the shop.
Apparently the motherboard is shot, so it has to be replaced.

Long story short, as soon as I get my PC back, I'll be looking at finishing some projects.

Hopefully I'll have something to show soon.
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2011-04-13 10:08 am

(Download) Simple Comfort Part II

The shoe swapping project meets the defaulting project.
Enjoy some more goodies.

Simple Comfort

Download: Simple Comfort )

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2011-04-12 09:54 am

(Download) Persisting Flat-tery

The obsession with Amaryll's flats continues.
Have some new goodies.

Persisting Flat-tery

Download: Persisting Flat-tery )

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2011-04-11 01:23 pm

(Download) Simple Comfort

Part two of the shoe swapping project.

Simple Comfort

Download: Simple Comfort )

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2011-04-11 12:14 pm

(Download) Bohemian Dancing

Well, it's about time I upload those outfits I previewed almost two weeks ago.
Enjoy the new goodies.

Bohemian Dancing

Download: Bohemian Dancing )

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2011-03-30 04:38 pm
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(Update) Play Time

So, I am a complete idiot.

Not only did I upload an old version of the Frankie Bear and TSS Giraffe meshes
But I also forgot to mention when I uploaded the correct files.

Forgive me while I repeatedly bash my head against the wall.

If you downloaded those BEFORE the 28th of Feb, please re-download the fixed versions.
Frankie Bear and TSS Giraffes.

The shadows were borked in the earlier version I uploaded.

The links in the Play Time post have been fixed, too.
There's also a text document which lists the poly counts.

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2011-03-29 09:50 am
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(Project) Swapping to Flats

I'm slightly disappointed at my inability to stick to project lists.
None the less, I'm excited by the fact I've learned some new tricks.

Thanks to a fantastic tutorial by Kielen at GoS (here)
I can now edit meshes to change shoes. YAY.

Sneak Peak )

I've yet to decide if I'll upload them, since they've probably been done before.
But I just wanted to share my little success.
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2011-03-04 06:07 pm

(Download) Digital Suits

[personal profile] digitaldollies asked if I was going to upload my recolors of the Food Judge outfits
So these are for DigitalDollies.

Digital Suits

Download: Digital Suits )

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2011-03-04 05:20 pm

(Download) Wide World of Sports

I thought I'd continue with the World Cup replacements.
So here's the first of the teen defaults.

Wide World of Sports

Download: Wide World of Sports )

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2011-03-04 01:10 pm

(Download) So What World Style

Because I couldn't let the adults wear that atrocious soccer outfit.

So What World Style

Download: So What World Style )

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2011-03-02 03:28 am

(Download) Food for Thought

I figured it was about time I made some more adult defaults.
So, have some new goodies.

Food for Thought

Download: Food for Thought )

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2011-02-25 02:51 pm

(Download) Little Athletics

Seems like I learned something during my little hiatus.
So, have some goodies.

Download: Little Athletics )

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2010-11-18 01:28 am

(Download) Play Time

After some fiddling, I (finally) bring you a bunch of Maxis extractions.

The Kids Collection (or, at least part of it)

Download: Play Time )

I know that a few of these have been done before.
And there is probably not a great deal of difference with my versions.
But I was proud of what I managed to do and wanted to share.

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2010-11-10 10:11 pm
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(Project) Maxis Clutter

So I've learned a few new tricks while I've been absent over the past couple of months.

I still plan on doing more, much much more, default replacements, but here's a look at something I've been working on.

Sneak Peak )

I have quite a few other extracted clutter items, and some resized items too, which I should upload in the near future.
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2010-09-15 12:27 pm

(Download) Pockets and Flipflops

Because I couldn't resist putting Fakepeep's textures on this outfit.

Download: Pockets and Flipflops )

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2010-09-14 04:32 pm

(Download) Shorts, Bows and Camisoles

While I do like the K&B Camisole underwear/pajamas, I think I prefer Anna's textures.
So here they are, defaulted.

Download: Shorts, Bows and Camisoles )

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2010-09-04 01:28 pm

(Download) Pockets and Hightops

So, it's been a while. But I'm back and I bring more goodies.

Download: Pockets and Hightops )

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2010-06-02 11:16 pm

(Download) Technicolor

Fulfilling a request, for dallasindc on GOS.

Download: Technicolor )
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2010-05-30 03:18 pm

(Download) Swan Lake Dreaming

It's taken me awhile, again, but I finally have some more goodies.

Download: Swan Lake Dreaming )

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2010-05-23 12:27 am

(Download) Feathers and Cotton Tails

And I'm back with more goodies, again.

Download: Feathers and Cotton Tails )